Fucking valentines day.

So I’ve never been a one to celebrate valentines day, it’s always seemed crass. Why the Fuck should people celebrate their relationship more one day than every other?
Who Fucking knows, but I did today, it was fun, not going to lie. Albeit I always have fun, but hey, today I had an excuse to get fucked up with my favourite person in the world, so yeah, valentines day ain’t all bad =P

Curiosity and Chaos


This explains a lot. ..
The left side has no traits that seem desirable. Who the fuck wants to be rational? Fuck that shit man!

Fucked up and ready to ART



Find it incredible how the human mind works. These started with just random lines and slashes on the page. Yes these aren’t incredible pieces of artwork. But it is definitely a fun techniqueto develop creating from the imagination


I got marked down in my blog assessment due to lack of art and too much lifestyle. But who the Fuck are my lecturers (who yes I know you’s are reading) to say what is an art.form or not?! No disrespect as I look up to all of you.incredibly and are very inspired by your insight, but.FUCK YOU’S. This is art. Improvisation and creative writing is Fucking improvisation. My lecturers are the most influential intelligent people in my line of work. And genuinely mean no disrespect.  but I have alot more to talk about that metaphorically blowing a dead genius to make my work better. I can’t even blown myself (and I’ve tried) language is art, and art is language. If anything.I’m disappointed in your.ignorance that you feel just visual is art. It’s disgusting really.


Whey am buzzing, I don’t have crunchy roll anymore, but now netflix has updates with a good few anime series!!
Am buzzing, genuinely ha! I’m a big fan of anime. Not sure when it started. Most likely with good ol’ Dragon Ball Z when I was a youth. Or even pokemon and digimon before then (not saying they’re the same so back off, I love them both) but either way I Fucking LOVE anime.

Me drunk? NO! You’re drunk!

I remember the days of denying intoxication. I know when being a teenager being drunk (even though everyone else was drunk) is a thing to hide!
I never wanted to admit I was drunk in my youth. I was a very insecure teenager ha! These days, I couldn’t give a fuck about being drunk. I love being drunk. Hiding the fact makes me come across as a cunt when am sober! Atleast when I admit being drunk it’s an excuse to treat people like shit (I have stopped being a cunty drunk, I was horrible just a few months ago, but everyone I’m frequently drunk around, say my behaviour has definitely improved hahaha)

So basically, stop being in denial about enjoying yasell. Being drunk is awesome, whether one pint or 10 gets Ya there, it’s still there…

So Today had its ups and downs…

I had my assessment today which I had no worries about. But I left setting up my installation a tad late. I expected to be able to set it up in a couple of minutes, which I did technically – albeit 15 minutes late!

So okay, my work had been damaged so I had to spend time doing that, I’d been at the pub a bit too long so I was more drunk than I should’ve been to set it up.
It seems like a ridiculous idea to get chemist before an assessment, but it helps with concentration and the ability to materialise/ recall what s was thinking when creating my art.
Another problem was I lost my phone so I didn’t have the images of one of my preferred layouts I tried out in the past, so another 5 minutes – after after already apologising to my very understanding lectures, I found my phone outside of uni! Luckily a woman found my phone due friend ringing it ha! But that was another situation that made me late.

Apart from these slight mishaps today, it’s been pretty fun. Was drunk since 11ish watching father ted n spaced, had my dinner payed for and got progressively more drunk (and a naughty lil line for free)
One of my good mates is apparently inlove which I guess is awesome, and my assessment seemed to go well… I think.


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