Art is an awkward thing.

Well, art’s one of those obnoxious things, you can put hours into a piece of work and the finished product is an awesome fucking piece,  because you made it yourself and I believe that every cunt who makes, creates and materialises anything creative should be their own biggest fan for anything!
Anyway, went a bit off topic, on the other hand,  you can spend a matter of minutes throwing together a spontaneous cluster fuck of gestures and marks, and it will be the pride of your life!

Basically, whatever kind of artist you are, don’t be ashamed if your friends are spending hours making perfect little tweaks in their painting to make it how they visualised. And your sitting there with 12 paintings finished cause you work like  housewife on meth. Fuck, I love working fast, and I know you’ll get the  argument of quality vs quantity, but you can certainly get quality in a painting that took half an hour the same as you could from a perfectionist spending weeks on one oil painting.

If you love what you do then fucking do it my beautiful followers. Love everything, even mistakes can be altered into the best part of the whole piece, it’s happened to me  countless time!

Me and my fiance just love to…

Have paint parties, ah yeah, it’s just like it sounds.

We sit there, in our clothes, in silence, and the best bit, painting, how naughty right? Fuck yeah…

Aye anyway, I was whining on yesterday about not having any art success, so I reverted back to simple drawing in a journal. I was trying my best to make an action painting without paint,  just pens. Hope you like them!





Feel a bit shitty at the minute.

If you read my last post you will know I’ve been in an accident recently. The pain n shit is tolerable, it’s the feeling of uselessness that comes with it I hate, I’m a lot more capable now doing easy tasks around the house, but it’s not that that’s getting me down.

ART! Ugh, being stuck in a chair doing art is impossible! I’ve always jumped around my canvas and threw paint from different directions, I hate being so static, plus I’ve missed so much uni time I feel I’ve lost my touch.
Everything I’ve made recently I’ve hated, a mean obviously it can be fixed, all art can, but it’s been really getting me down, everyone else seems to be developing their abilities tenfold, and I can’t help but to think I’m regressing all due to this stupid temporary ailment. I’ve lost my mojo, N it fucking SUCKS,!!!!!!

I know I’ll snap out of this shit eventually, but it’s a nightmare at the minute. If it wasn’t for my family and the most amazing fiancè in the world I’d be falling to pieces like.

Anyway, I think I’m done with the feeling sorry for myself posts.
Love you all!

Life is like a box of chocolates…

…when they fall from a third storie window they’re fucked!

So aye, recently I was a box of chocolates, and fuck did it hurt. Not going into the details of how it happened due to the fact I don’t remember, but let’s just say the chocolate had a few fun days before this happened and was probably far past the use by date.

But fuck, hospital was boring, the drugs there were wkd, I was numbed out my mind most the time, but breaking my pelvis in 3 places still had enough sting to get past the copious amounts of painkillers the doctors were legally allowed to throw at me!

Luckily I have an amazing family fiancè and friends who came to visit everyday, that definitely made things easier. And believe it or not, dropping chocolates out of a window seems to make close people even closer.

Truth is I’m very fucking lucky, them chocolates could’ve died, everyone thought they were coming to I.d the body -bit weird for chocolate like, but I have an eccentric family….

Apparently these chocolates managed to land on their feet, kinda like a cat does, except cats don’t send shock waves through their legs to shatter their pelvis!

Anyway, if you hadn’t got past my deep cryptic paragraphs, I am the chocolate, PLOT TWIST

Also I think I appreciate life  a hell of  a lot more now. But who knows.

Well then…

… I haven’t made a post in a while, so if anyone actually cares I apologise!  Ha! But nevertheless, I have started uni again, so I have my studio back!!!! So expect posts of art ect. But I’m definitely going to try and have more random bullshit posts, I like doing them, whether anyone out there finds them funny or not, I do, so fuck it, as long as I find them funny it’s fine! Plus I don’t get marked on my blog anymore, so I don’t need to be as serious as some of my posts, though I will most likely still post about exhibitions and shit.

Love you all!!!!!

Jeffrey Dennis loves his Ringbinder

1436959503_11699049_10155786175770716_3241599191212998516_oSo on the 24th of july i went to an exhibition opening at the Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art. and artist named Jeffrey Dennis had a show on called Ringbinder. The show constisted of a mix of painting and sculpture all in a very similar style. Obsessive rings over and over made these intricate and beautiful pieces of art.

20150724_18541320150724_183820as you can see by these to images, whether it be sculpture or painting, them obsessive rings are style plastered all over the artists work.

Personally i really enjoyed this exhibition. everything from the layout of the room, to every omne of the art pieces. i would definitely reccomend this exhibition to anyone.

ART200 Essay Part 4

My studio practice has evolved since my installation piece Inane? I am now working on a more abstract area. Focusing less on figurative and more about colour emotion, and the spontaneity of action painting. Trying to convey emotions and ideas through the simple way of how I have marked my canvas. I have also being doing collaborative work with a fellow student and artist Jade Hutchinson. The usual way it works is Jade will do the background of the painting, and I will apply the marks over the top. (fig 9) This artwork and how I have applied the marks differ from the boxes, this was all done with acrylic paints, Jade starts by mixing acrylic paint with water in a water bottle and pouring the bass colour on, then she applies multiple layers on top of that then lets its drip and dry. After the initial paint has dried I then apply my paint by squirting the acrylic straight from the tube onto my hand and proceeding to throw the paint onto the canvas.

Figure 9 Jade Hutchinson & Leon Watson Untitled (2015)

Figure 9 Jade Hutchinson & Leon Watson Untitled (2015)

This work is a lot inspired more by artists like Jackson Pollock than pretty much anything I have ever done, it obviously isn’t an attempt to mimic the likes of Pollock, but it was a fun and exciting way to further my practice and experiment with different ways to apply paint. We didn’t just do work on paper like in figure 9 and 10, we worked on other materials like metal also (fig 11) This is a found object art piece which we had a side each to make out own.

Figure 10 Jade Hutchinson & Leon Watson Untitled (2015)

Figure 10 Jade Hutchinson & Leon Watson Untitled (2015)

Figure 11 Jade Hutchinson & Leon Watson Untitled Metal (2015)

Figure 11 Jade Hutchinson & Leon Watson Untitled Metal (2015)

The sides shown in the picture are both sides I did, the smaller one we both applied paint too, and the large face was all mine. This was the first time I worked on metal, also the first time I used the technique of physical throwing the paint from my hand onto the canvas. This is the start of the newer series of work I have produced. After trying out painting on metal, I decided I enjoyed it, and liked how it looked. I decided to find a scrap piece of metal and start something solo. (fig 12)


Figure 12 Leon Watson Untitled (2015)

This was done the same way I did the paper paintings; it was interesting to see how the surface effected how different materials lay. Firstly I applied ink and it reacted the way you would expect, most of it just rolled off as did the watered down paint. But the acrylic stayed on extremely well. After a while of doing these style of paintings I decided to look into Jackson Pollock some more. Looking at techniques he had used to see if it would give me any inspiration. “A close look reveals an assortment of objects embedded in the surface, including cigarette butts, nails, thumbtacks, buttons, coins, and a key.” ( – Abstract Expressionist New york) this gave me the idea to start using assorted bits of debris found around where I am doing my art. and place them onto my canvas. Sometimes I will take the object off and see how or if it had left the area under. Other times I would just leave the item I had placed on, covered in paint just to add another dimension and layer to my painting. The future plans I have for the artwork I fabricate not even I know yet, but I think I am going to delve into some video and performance art, similar to how Metzger performed the Acid Action Painting, I Believe that the most exciting part of my artwork is the creation of it, not knowing where the paint will land on the canvas and the mystery of the pre finished product all the way through. If I capture this on video, I will be able to share the excitement of the journey that is art, with everyone watching.

Figure 13 Jackson Pollock Performance

Figure 13 Jackson Pollock Performance

Jackson Pollock also performed while creating his large-scale art pieces. He shows his techniques of “drip painting” and how he puts his emotions into his artwork. (fig 13)

“The method of painting is the natural growth out of a need. I want to express my feelings rather than illustrate them. Technique is just a means of arriving at a statement…. I can control the flow of paint: there is no accident, just as there is no beginning and no end.” – Jackson Pollock

In conclusion, my studio practice, though not directly in every aspect, but most certainly inspired in some sense by a mixture of very different artists. Though I believe I definitely have my own style and techniques of creating art, as do many artists, but saying that, every artists takes something or various amounts of ideas from other artists.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973)


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