Sadly came down of the magic sugar, but lucky your very real -in your delusion perfect heads- God has gifted me with 5 litres of very strong cider. Your master wants me to sleep. Your god loves a non believer more than he loves you! Is that fair? Should a sinner and a cynic have the ability to recover from life and love indiscriminately (not sure if that’s a word. Apologies to English students and cunts) when the mass who believe live in hate and despair ’cause they abide by “his” rules to get into the “promised land” but alas live a dull and suicidal life?

Lucky me eyy?!

All serious though I have nothing against religion, I understand the ideology of seeing a lost family member again, it’s a crutch to lie on in hope, as farcical as it may seem, it’s a nice thought, just doesn’t seem rational to me, but 90% of my life is irrational, so never be ashamed of your beliefs and fuck everyone who gives you grief because your passionate!

Freinds like these


Fuckin rightz badlad, no sex, drugs and rock n roll =P

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“You’ll never know friends like these” one of the lines from one of my favourite songs.
My friends are awesome! I love you guys! ✌️

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Leader of the Pack (Business Philosophy) – The Edge

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Honestly don’t know why I bother materializing a relationship done some people, I just gets pissed back into ny fucking face. In fairness I now know how they feel when I’m a cunt, but I’m allowed to be a cunt!
As frustrating as it is though. She always forgives me even when – apparently – a HUGE CUNT!
So I probably should let her off.
There gas been some positives though. I bought drugs for me n her and seeings she dropped is in it, av had more to ma self (untill I got bored and shared with a housemate)
Albeit am still annoyed and frustrated, think it’s time for some well deserved human manipulation =P
love you’s!

New House!


Buzzin like, nowt better than living with wkd mates. Surprisingly av managed to save the drink and other atrocities for an evening!
In all fairness, my landlord has been fixing this shit up 8- 5 since I got here, so being messed up in his company is hardly respectful, albeit the first time I met him I practically called him a pedophile for driving a white van… Am never good at first impressions =P

Art With a Friend




Me and created these fuckers-I drew he coloured. There’s way more to follow!



Two days av been partying with magical people, up’s and down throughout, but alas, always ends in good cheers!

The amount of Times av went from drunk to sober (by sober I mean buzzed to fuck on sniff) back to drunk back to FUCKED! But hey, that’s life, starts amazing, then just gets even better!


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