So I….

… Fucking love life, university is incredible, friends are awesome, and life in general is fucking sweet!
Recently seen some old friends again which was rad! Been seeing more of my brother aswell which is also fucking incredible.
Honestly can’t complain with with anything at the minute like! =D

Fine Art Contemporary Practice – ART271

The things that drive me and interests me can’t really be put down. everything i see and interact with gives me inspiration in many different ways. It would be farcical to specify any one or a small list of things. Living in a world where the smallest of insects to the largest of natural phenomenons have a beautiful array of colours.

Materials. There are a multitude of materials i have considered. none are for definite though. I usually use Indian ink and Brusho to make expressionist abstract pieces. I am going to play with new techniques though, incorporating bleach onto fabric to drain colour apposed to adding. i’m sure there’ll be more i’ll be trying, but for now this is all.

I will feel succesful when i feel i have developed a way of creating without diminishing the fun and excitement while in the process of my art.

45 hours…

So I had a party yesterday. I appear to have consumed 15 litres of white cider, multitude of excitement, and met loadsa New people. None of my shit got broke either. BONUS!


Uni starts soon


Love this cunt

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Going to university was the best choice ive ever made because ive moved out the house got some independence and met some great people on my course!
Leon- craziest guy ive ever met and taught me a lot!
Dan- very mellow person who has a lot of bother and came out smiling
Steve- my best friend and funniest guy ive met he’s the asian version of me and me and him have had great memories and a lot more to come!
This year i hope we can all party together and cause a lot of chaos! 😂


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Fucking Life!

Fucking love it! One of the best experiences anyone can ever feel is the real happiness you feel inside.
Obviously everyday happiness is incredible, but those moments in life where the way you feel on top of the world, beats the generic bullshit of everyday happiness.
I am lucky I can honesty say the last week av felt fucking incredible, reuniting with old friends and not having the feeling of an albatross. Fucking love everything right now!



Sadly came down of the magic sugar, but lucky your very real -in your delusion perfect heads- God has gifted me with 5 litres of very strong cider. Your master wants me to sleep. Your god loves a non believer more than he loves you! Is that fair? Should a sinner and a cynic have the ability to recover from life and love indiscriminately (not sure if that’s a word. Apologies to English students and cunts) when the mass who believe live in hate and despair ’cause they abide by “his” rules to get into the “promised land” but alas live a dull and suicidal life?

Lucky me eyy?!

All serious though I have nothing against religion, I understand the ideology of seeing a lost family member again, it’s a crutch to lie on in hope, as farcical as it may seem, it’s a nice thought, just doesn’t seem rational to me, but 90% of my life is irrational, so never be ashamed of your beliefs and fuck everyone who gives you grief because your passionate!

Freinds like these


Fuckin rightz badlad, no sex, drugs and rock n roll =P

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“You’ll never know friends like these” one of the lines from one of my favourite songs.
My friends are awesome! I love you guys! ✌️

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